194/365 : Tim Cahill, Tim Cahill, Tim Cahill...

Andy and I were in Birmingham today for the Aston Villa v. Everton match. This is the third away match I have been to and I have to say that it was really enjoyable. We ended up drawing 3-3... so of course a win would have made it all the sweeter but it was still a great match to be at.

I took the above photo while the team was doing their pre-match warm ups. Yes I did take other photos that did not focus in on Tim Cahill... I promise. I even took ones that were not of Tim Howard! Proud of me? I can even prove it, here are the others photos from the day:

Aston Villa 3 v. Everton 3

As much as I love being at Goodison Park I do absolutely love going to away matches. I love walking thru the home fans with my royal blue Everton kit showing proudly. You get the stares and of course some people make snarky comments when you walk by and it makes me even prouder! I have the number 17 and the name Cahill printed on the back of my kit... the comment I hear the most by other home fans is something along the lines of "We are going to shut Cahill down"... Well he scored today so YAY!!

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Kim said...

Hmmm...looks like you feel about Tim Cahill the same way I feel about Fernando Torres. Torres! Torres! Torres! ;-)