201/365 : London Day Three (The Best Day Yet)

I call this picture... The great Red and Blue divide! You can hardly tell that all of the seats are red, our Everton Blue has taken over.

What can I say about today? We left the hotel at around noon, made it to the grounds quite early to soak up the wonderful atmosphere. Made our way inside to find that we may have been in the rafters but when they say there is not a bad seat at the new Wembley Stadium they are not lying!

The match was tied 0-0 after full time so there were an extra two halves of 15 minutes each that also ended scoreless. So it was on to penalty kicks.


We were all a nervous wreck. I have only seen Everton take penalty kicks one other time and that was with a friendly against Club America (from Mexico) at a match we went to in Dallas Texas... and we lost those!

Tim Cahill walked up to take the first one... He missed. I was gutted. It looked as though he was crying. The Everton fans started singing Timmy Cahill... Timmy Cahill... to let him know it was okay.

Dimitar (I need a haircut) Berbatov walked up to take his penalty kick... TIM HOWARD SAVES IT! *yes*

Leighton Baines goes up for Everton... 0 - 1 to Everton!

Rio Ferdinand walked up to take his chance... TIM HOWARD SAVES ANOTHER ONE! *double yes*

... It was at this point that I started to cry. I just love Tim Howard to bits and the fact that he saved two, I was just so happy!

I wont make you sit thru my kick by kick analysis but we won 2 - 4 and I swear the place must be well built because every single Everton fan and player was going crazy. We sang, cheered, jumped up and down and pretty much went wild for about 30+ minutes.

We finally made our way back to the trains. The atmosphere was just buzzing and everywhere we went on our way back to the hotel people would give us a thumbs up or start chanting and singing. It was a great day!

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