228/365 : Lap of Honor

Well today was the final home match of the season. After the match everybody did a lap of honor around the pitch. I have to say I got a little emotional a couple times during and after the match.

First it came with about 15 or so minutes left in the match when Jo started warming up on the side of the pitch. Let me try to pin point Jo in the above photo. So you see the steward in the yellow jacket... Well just above and to the right you can see Pienaar clapping his hands. Well if you keep going to your right you see Fellaini (can't miss him and his BIG hair) and next to him is Jo, the one with the huge smile on his face.

You see Jo is on Loan from Manchester City. Since he has been playing with Everton he has truly started to shine. I feel so sorry for Jo. He keeps doing all of these interviews and he talks about how much he wants to stay with Everton and how he loves the team and the supporters... we just do not have enough to buy him. I truly believe he is a wonderful player and I would love for some miracle to happen and he gets to stay with us.

Anyway, I had a tear or two because when Jo started warming up on the sideline everybody started clapping for him and he stopped and starting clapping back. He just looks like he enjoys himself so much at Everton. I keep picturing him having to go back to Man City all sad. I hope if we do not get to keep him that he goes to a good team away from Man City, they do not deserve to keep him!

The second emotional moment came when the lap of honor started and Jagielka joined in with everybody to walk around even on his crutches. You guys might remember my post on Day 207 when I mentioned that Jagielka had been injured during the v. Man City match. Well he has had his surgery and is on the road to recovery but still on crutches. Was great to see him at the match and even better that he got to make his way around the pitch with everybody.

Just to point him out... if you see the line of players look all the way left. The one in the black shirt and shorts is Tim Howard (U. S. A.) who is the goal keeper. Next to him is Tim Cahill and then you can see Jagielka in the suit next to him. His crutches are a little behind him so hard to see but they are there also.

Anyway... this has been a very long post and probably not very interesting to most of you but it was a great day that ended up being very emotional as well. This was my first but defiantly not my last final match of the season!

Oh yeah... we won 3-1. Woo Hoo!!

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Blargins said...

Nice one Christine. Would loved to have been there.