232/365 : Crumpet vs. English Muffin

I have found that we call an English Muffin back in the US is not an English Muffin here in the UK.

On the left we have what they call a Crumpet here in the UK. Now for those of you in the US you are thinking that is an English Muffin. Well... yes it looks like a US English Muffin but it is not the same. It is hard to describe but the texture is almost like that of a US pancake.

Now on the right we have what the English call an English Muffin. As you can see it is shaped the same and looks the same on the outside to a US English Muffin but when you cut into it... it is more like a bun. Not the same at all.

Which do I like better? Well I like the UK Crumpet over the UK English Muffin... but it is still not the same. But it will do.

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Meg said...

How about scones...mmm...I'm deffo a fan of scones!