244/365 : Yes...

It is another sky photo but what can I say... I am bored.

I had the day off from work today but Andy had to go in so I was just sat at home pretty much doing nothing.

Was yet another warm sunny day, am starting to think it might stick around for a little while. I hope it at least lasts thru this Sunday because we are off to watch Oasis and it is an outdoor gig. If it rains the show still goes on... Could be very interesting!

It is amazing to think that I bought those tickets back on Day 24 and we are going to see them on Day 249. They make you buy tickets way too far in advance if you ask me.

High: 70°
Low: 48°
Forecast: Partly Sunny
Sunrise: 4:47 AM
Sunset: 9:29 PM

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