242/365 : Proud To Be A Blue

We were on the road to Liverpool at around 4:40am. Although I must say that it does help with the sun coming up so early as it did not actually feel like it was that early since it was already light outside.

We made it to Goodison Park with plenty of time and got on the coach with no problems. It was the first time I have taken the coach to a match and I must say it was a blast! The people on there were great, we sang, chanted, laughed and had a ball.

After about 20 minutes of being on the road we were told that the coach was overheating so we had to make a pit stop so that another coach could come and pick us up. Was a short blip and no big deal. Fortunately on the way back while listening to the Kings of Leon song 'Sex On Fire' there was a rewrite and I think every car we passed could hear everybody singing 'Wwoooooooaaaaahhhhh, the coach was on fire'.

So we got to Wembley and made our way inside to get something to eat. Honestly I was way too nervous to eat so Andy got something and then we went out in search of somebody to switch tickets with. See we had Club Wembley tickets which is the central ring around the stadium that is supposed to be neutral. Our seats were on the Chelsea end so I figured it would be easy to find two Chelsea supporters in the Everton end that would rather be over with their own supporters. Well I asked about 10-12 people and it turns out it was not as easy as I thought because it turned out those walking around in Chelsea kits were not real supporters but just there for a day out at Wembley and did not really care they were in the Everton end. Then Andy passed a man and his son and we ended up asking him and after taking him over to show him our seats he was more than happy to swap as his kid really wanted to be on the Chelsea side. They got great seats, we got great seats in return... score!

The atmosphere was crazy before kick off and it got even crazier because after only 25 seconds into the match Louis Saha scored the fastest ever FA Cup Final goal and it got even crazier! Unfortunately that goal just meant that Chelsea had to really push forward and we went into half time at 1-1. The sun started to move across the sky and as much as it was a comfortable and cool first half in the shade it was direct sun on us for the second half, it literately felt like I was melting. Chelsea managed to score again and we lost 1-2.

Then something happened that I could not have expected. We had just lost the FA Cup Final but did we empty out of our seats and head back to our coach with our heads hanging low? No way! We stood and sang our hearts out for the boys in blue down on the pitch. No the FA Cup Final is not a singing competition but the feeling of pride to be there even in loss was more than I could say for the winning side of Chelsea. Yes I am sure they had some excited 'supporters' but it was nothing like the sea of blues who were showing their appreciation for the runners up.

Once we made our way back to the coach it was a little quite at first but after we got on the motorway the CD went back on and as soon as we heard Z Cars we continued to sing, chant, laugh and have a ball. You would not have believed that we just lost. It just goes to show how great our supporters are.

Are we gutted that Everton did not come back home victorious and with the FA Cup? Of course.

Do we know that this is just the start of something more and that Everton are going to be hungry for more next season? Of course.

I felt so proud to be an Everton Supporter today. Even in loss we are there to show the World our love and support to the boys in the royal blue jerseys.

So now the summer officially begins and football does not start back again until August... what in the World am I going to do for two months?

Low: 49°
Forecast: Sunny
Sunrise: 4:49 AM
Sunset: 9:27 PM

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Joe Jennings said...

Great summary of a great day, Christine. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Here's to bringing it home next year!

Lydia said...

Hey Christine,

Spotted the link to your blog on an Everton forum, great read! (and not just the Everton stuff!)

Looks like your season ticket is going to be somewhere near me - I'm Park End too, row D, just to the side of the goal (closer to the family section than the away section).