245/365 : Mom and Pop Shop

Not many of these 'Mom and Pop Shops' are still around in the US. Ever since Wal-Mart took over the country they all started to close down because they could not compete with the corporate prices.

As nostalgic as it feels to shop in this kind of store I do have to say that I miss my one stop shopping at Wal-Mart. The Asda's over here are now owned by Wally World but they are not the same store, in fact no where near it.

Come on Wal-Mart... why haven't you tried to take over England with your Superstores?

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paul scholes said...

if wallmart come to this country with their neo fascist/capatlist agenda they will suffer the same fate as nazi germany did in the second world war! this isnt 'nam christine there are rules here! ;)