246/365 : For The Love Of Salad Dressing

This is the salad dressing aisle in our local Co-Op. Granted there are maybe about 5-7 more choices at the larger grocery stores such as Asda or Tesco but this is pretty much it.

Please also note that not all of this is in fact salad dressing, if you look on the top shelf to the left you will find Marinade. And don't let every row fool you, if you look closely there are some that are the same next to each other. If you count them there are 13 different kinds. That is it. Also please notice that there is no sign of Ranch, French (Catalina) or Italian! They do have something they call 'French Dressing' here but it is off white in color and has weird looking bits in it. I won't even try it.

I am amazed with the variety of products in the US compared to here in the UK. For example lets take Ranch Dressing, I mean what red blooded American does not love Ranch dressing? There has to be at least 13 varieties of just Ranch dressing. I mean there is Original, Buttermilk, Cracked Peppercorn, Spicy, Bacon, Cucumber, Garden Vegetable... I could go on but you get the idea, and that is just Ranch.

The other day my mom sent me a photo that she had taken while she was in Wal-Mart, it is this photo that has prompted this post. Oh and trust me... this is not the entire salad dressing aisle there are more that could not be fit into this picture. Yes there are also repeats but the variety is staggering!

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The New Mrs. C said...

Oh, good, I'm glad I'm not the only one facing the non-ranchness of England. I've seen ONE kind of ranch (Newman's) in ASDA. That's it.

I feel your pain sista friend. lol

Elynor said...

That would be me, the red-blooded American who *gasp* doesn't like ranch dressing! Don't like ketchup either. Please don't take my passport away now... ;D

Helen said...

I don't like Ranch either! And I adore REAL French dressing - the kind we have in the UK. That neon orange American stuff scares me! Seriously, try French here. It's lovely!