247/365 : Summer Reading

On the way back from the FA Cup Final they had a raffle on the coach to give away some goodies. Look at what I won!

I was so excited to win and I thought it was a fitting prize for myself since the others on the coach probably already know of The 100 Greatest Everton Moments but this now gives me a chance to learn about them also.

Unfortunately I have already read more than half of the book so it is not going to get me thru the two months without football but there was another book that was given out to somebody else and I am going to try to get my hands on a copy of that one also.

The author of this book runs the Everton Forum site NSNO.co.uk and they are actually the ones that put together the coach trip that we were on. So I have in fact met the author which is pretty cool... really nice guy!

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