248/365 : Green Eyed Monster

Jealousy is never a good thing... but when you start feeling jealous of a fictional character on Sims 3 then you know it is really bad!

But tell me... who would not want this life? Look how happy she is, she is unemployed, outside enjoying her beautiful surroundings and painting. If you need money you just hit 'Cntl + Shift + C' and type in Motherlode and you get tons of it. She wakes up, goes out if she wants, stays home if she wants, swims in her pool if she wants... truly a life of leisure.

I hate her.

But that isn't going to stop me from playing this wonderful game all day/night!

High: 58°
Low: 38°
Forecast: Periods of Rain
Sunrise: 4:44 AM
Sunset: 9:33 PM

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Meg said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 'motherlode' cheat!! There's also one where you can cheat death...so you can literally try to kill yourself and it will never really kill you. :-P

hafsah said...

love this cheat..but unfortunately it is way out of reality (wouldn't it be fun if this was totally true)

anyway christine i love your layout and found out that it is a chaos notepad layout and yes, im in love with it and seriously want this layout

im currently working or trying to edit it for my blogspot

may ask if you could help me a little if im stuck?

till then~~let the force be with me :)

--time for some rest~~staring to long in front of the computer isn't good for my eyes