249/365 : How Very Typical!

For well over a week the sun has been out, it has been warm and dry. But oh no... it couldn't stay that way, I mean why would it?

Normally the sight and smell of rain would be a good thing as I love, love, love the rain but when we are one day away from going to an Oasis gig that is outdoor and uncovered... the rain can stay away. But according to the weather it is here to stay. Great.

I guess instead of lounging around in the warm sun at Heaton Park tomorrow we will wrapped up tight and under umbrellas. I wonder if they will even allow people to have umbrellas since everybody will be trying to see the stage... hhhhmmmm... it could be a very interesting and long day tomorrow.

High: 50°
Low: 46°
Forecast: Rain
Sunrise: 4:44 AM
Sunset: 9:34 PM

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