250/365 : Never Again... Ever!

So... where do I start?

Tracey and James came to pick us up at around 1:15pm. We made our way to Bury because we figured it would be easier to park there and take the metro into Manchester. Since Bury was north at the end of the gig it would be easier to get out as everybody would be going south and into Manchester. We found a place to eat and then made our way to Heaton Park.

The forecast was calling for rain but so far it had held out. I decided to leave my umbrella at home which was a good thing cause as we made our way in they made Tracey throw out the little one she had with her. I would have refused to thrown mine out so luckily I escaped that fight.. too bad that wouldn't have been the only fight of the night!

So the first support band came out... have no idea who they were and the only thing I can remember is that on the two large screens that were beside the stage you could see the lead singer had a giant booger hanging out of his nose which made for a great view on the big screen.

So there is no good way to say what started being thrown once the music got going. There was beer being thrown, food being thrown and yes... brace yourself. Urine being thrown! Yeah I know, how gross is that? I had a plastic poncho on but right before Oasis I had to take it off because some drunk guy grabbed the back of it and it ripped so it was no longer doing any good. I just pulled my hoodie up over my head and tied it tight around my face hoping I did not get anything really gross in the face. At one point a man was walking by with some new beers, he was holding them up over his head, got bumped and when I was looking up he poured them right on my face and in my eyes.

After the unknown band there were three other support bands that played before Oasis came out. Twisted Wheel, The Enemy and Kasabian.

I have to say that I have never listed to any of them before but I thought that The Enemy and Kasabian did a really good job! I think I will have to find some of their music to listen to a bit more of it. Needless to say I would have enjoyed it a bit more if I was not being whacked in the head by some drunken idiot behind me or being pushed around while everybody around be jumped around like idiots. And of course I was still looking out for things being thrown so that I could duck out of the way. Unfortunately there was no ducking for more than half of it. Yuck.

To be honest half way thru Kasabian I was convinced that I wanted to just get out and that no way were Oasis worth all of this crap. But we forced thru it and stayed in our place.

I almost got in a few fights because I kept elbowing the idiots behind me that kept pushing me. Andy came even closer to getting into a fight because people kept trying to push past us and he wouldn't let them by because there was no place to go. He got into a heated argument with one guy and I thought a punch would be thrown but it wasn't. We did witness two fights around us and one was right in front and we watched a guy get punched and go down. When he got up we thought he would fight back but he pretty much ran off crying. There was even one point when a guy threatened to hit a girl, that would have been interesting as I think the guy would have been beaten to a pulp by the others around him.

So finally after already being on my feet for over six hours Oasis come out. To be honest I thought they were ho hum. You have to remember that there were about 70,000 people just at this one concert and we were in Manchester. This is where Oasis are from, this is their home! But there was just no interaction with the audience. No 'It's good to be home' or anything. They came on, sang their songs and left. Outside of singing the songs there was maybe 10 words spoken.

And to be honest after everything we had to go thru I just did not feel like it was worth it. Glad to say that I have seen Oasis live as I have wanted to do that for some time but I won't be rushing to do it again. It is also confirmed that I will never ever go to another outdoor concert. In total I was on my feet standing/walking for a little more than 8.5 hours straight, I was covered in God knows what and felt miserable. It did start to lightly rain about 30 minutes into Oasis but at that point I was welcoming it as I wanted to wash off whatever was on me.

While we were leaving I made the comment that I could have been home playing Sims 3 and Andy said he could have been playing Fifa... hhhmmmm...

The people that went at work seemed to have enjoyed themselves and said it was great. I have seemed to find a running theme though... they were all drunk. Maybe that is the key, you don't mind all of the above crap if you are drunk. Still not my idea of fun.

High: 52°
Low: 44°
Forecast: Cloudy, Late Rain
Sunrise: 4:44 AM
Sunset: 9:35 PM

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John said...

Sorry it was a downer for you both.
This is a reason that I wouldn't go to a concert.
The one concert I went to in California I was surprised that the people seemed middle class, educated, thirtyish and some had small children. I only attended the concert because I was working and paid to be there. My daughter use to go to concerts and didn't complain I don't think. Come to think of it I think she still goes occassionaly.
I simpithize with you because being around a bunch of obnocuious drunks is not my idea of a good night out.
Sorry I can't get my spell checker to work. I should use simple words that I can spell.

Kim said...

I need a shower after reading that post. Sorry it was so awful.

sulema said...

Aww.. awful. I would of been upset as well. Sowee! :(