251/365 : Let There Be Peppers!

Andy planted his Jalapeño Pepper seeds back on Day 243 and look how much they have grown in a week! He is very excited that they are doing so well. We tried to keep pepper plants while we were living in Texas but the heat was just too much I think... we would water them but the leaves just got all burnt up and it eventually died.

He has started them out in these little biodegradable pots then once they get big enough he will plant them in a garden planter. They are on the kitchen window sill for now inside a cute little plastic Propagator that he got, it is like a mini greenhouse.

Hopefully these little guys will continue to grow and then one day I can share a picture of our first pepper harvest. Too bad I don't like peppers... these are all for him!

High: 55°
Low: 46°
Forecast: Partly Sunny
Sunrise: 4:43 AM
Sunset: 9:36 PM

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