270/365 : Crazy Cat

The cats have had this toy for as long as they have been alive. It serves a double purpose as it not only has a pink ball that can be batted around and around it also has a center that is a scratching pad. Thankfully I have found a little store online that has the replacements so they can continue to love this thing.

Rooney was having a good time playing with it today so I did my best to take a photo. It was quite hard because he was moving so fast. I also recorded a little bit of it and have posted it below.

I wanted to send a thanks to 'Britishblues' and 'Kim' for suggesting that I use Digestive Biscuits when I could not find Graham Crackers. I picked some up today and they taste just like Graham Crackers! They will work perfectly. The dessert I was going to make uses French Vanilla pudding and I can not find that either. I can not even find just plain vanilla Angel Delight. So I have instead decided to make a homemade cheesecake this weekend. Not a terrible second choice... Yummy!

Also, did you guys notice the Sunset time today? It is listed as 9:43. Yesterday was 9:44 which means it is starting to go backwards and will soon be getting darker earlier. Most people would not see this as a good thing but I love it! Having light in the sky at 10:00pm at night still freaks me out a bit.

Video of Rooney Playing

High: 67°
Low: 57°
Forecast: Cloudy with Possible Shower
Sunrise: 4:43 AM
Sunset: 9:43 PM

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Kim said...

Your video made us laugh!