271/365 : Put Your Shirt On!

Yes it is sunny. No it does not happen every day. Yes you are allowed to wear shorts. No you are not allowed to walk around with your shirt off.

What is with these people? I have spent 3 1/2 years in Texas and even in 105° weather over the summer people did not walk around with their shirt off.

Andy and I went to the movie theatre to see 'Year One' today and honestly we had to have passed at least 10 guys that were walking around with their shirt off.

Are they really this warm that they need to undress? Or is it that they think they are so sexy that they need to walk around shirtless? Either way this is unacceptable to me. If you are at a water park or beach, then go for it. Walking down the road? Put your shirt on!

High: 70°
Low: 56°
Forecast: Sunny with Late Showers Possible
Sunrise: 4:43 AM
Sunset: 9:43 PM

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The New Mrs. C said...


We see so many guys walking around with their shirts off when it's this warm...and to us it's wrong as well. They're normally chavs that are doing it, which explains a lot, but still.

Btw...how was the movie? I'm interested in seeing it. :)