275/365 : Back To Twilight?

This is the book I am currently 'trying' to read. I say trying because I just can not get into it. I am about a fourth of a way thru it and am about to give up for now.

I have moved over to a new department at work and the girls I sit next to now have just started getting into Twilight. A couple of them are in the middle of the series of books and we have all been talking about them. Because of this I am dying to go back and reread the Twilight books and just can not get into this book. We all know my LOVE for Twilight!

I have a feeling I am going to have to just stop where I am in The Queen's Fool and then come back to it after I am done with the Twilight series. If not I am not going to enjoy this book and I do love all of Philippa Gregory's other books.

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