292/365 : The Ashes

I have been watching cricket all day... I don't understand a thing they are doing but for some reason I can't turn it off.

Andy is not that into cricket but does understand enough to try to explain to me about what is going on. So I have a better idea now but to be honest there is just so much to know. I did have a good laugh though when they stopped play for a tea break. Ha!

Can't wait for football to come back though...

Just found out something new about my US License today. I knew that I was only allowed to drive on my US License for 12 months and during that time you have to sit the theory test and take a driving test in order to get your UK License. However, I learned today that I will have to apply for a Provisional License before I can take my driving test as I can not take the test with only a US License! A provisional License costs £50.00! What a complete rip off. Just another way to get more money out of you.

High: 60°
Low: 510°
Forecast: A Couple of Showers
Sunrise: 5:05 AM
Sunset: 9:27 PM

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Anonymous said...

Let us 'Shes not From Yorkshire' gals know if you ever need any UK driving license advice, we have been through it all. And there is no hiding it. It sucks. Period.
I feel your pain, sistah!
--Peaceful Yorkshire

snowelf said...

Fifty pounds...goodness gracious--you're not kidding! But I wish you the best of luck. :)