294/365 : True Love

So I decided to use a cap highlighting kit on my hair. I couldn't reach the back holes and Andy was too scared to pull my hair thru so he sat behind me and guided my hand with the little hook to the next hole. That is true love.

Too bad it turned out so terribly!

When I put the coloring on some of it must have gotten down into the holes on the top of the cap and I ended up with large blotches of bleach blonde on the top of my head. *ugh* Tomorrow I will go back to the store and get an all over color to cover up this mess. I'll have to wear my hair back in a clip for work tomorrow. Maybe I'll go brunette... it's been a while since I went really dark.

I did take this picture by the way, I was holding the camera with my right hand and was finding it difficult to get as much of my head in the shot as possible.

High: 66°
Low: 53°
Forecast: Sunny
Sunrise: 5:08 AM
Sunset: 9:25 PM

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