295/365 : Ooooohhhhh... Catnip

We had a big bag of cat litter delivered today... in order to push the order over £25 and get free shipping I threw in this £1 catnip toy.

I know all cats react to catnip differently but I can honestly say that Gallagher goes absolutely crazy! I snapped this picture just seconds before he jumped on Rooney in order to steal the toy away from him.

This toy has a little velcro patch and you can put a pouch of catnip in there. I have to give this to these guys in moderation or else they would be constantly bouncing off the walls.

I was able to get a little bit of the catnip love fest on video.

Gallagher and Rooney With Their Catnip Toy

So today after work I noticed that I had a caller that had blocked their number. I realized there was a voicemail message so I listened... I was shocked when I heard the girl say that she was with the HR department of Everton FC and was inviting me to an interview for a job that I had applied for months ago! But I wont be going to the interview...

Quite a few things come to mind when I think about working at Goodison Park. Of course transportation would be an issue. On match days it takes Andy and I about 45 minutes to get from our house to the match. Would not even imagine how much longer it would take if I were going in rush hour traffic.

Then... what if I hated working there? I so enjoy going to Goodison Park on match days I would be worried that it would be like mixing work with pleasure and it may taint the experiences I have when going to see Everton play.

But of course the most important reason not to go... I honestly don't know if I could control myself if Tim Cahill or Tim Howard were to ever walk by. I would probably get sacked for attacking them anyway.

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Helen said...

Willie goes mad over catnip too! And we just got him one of those laser toys which is proving to be a great success!