306/365 : At The Car Wash

Andy went to the gym this morning so while he went there I decided to go out in search of the book The Time Traveler's Wife. Yes, yes I know... I have these books to read and then I have these books to read. However when we were at the movie theater yesterday to see The Proposal I saw the preview for this movie. A few people at work has said the book is really good and the movie looks excellent. Since the movie comes out on August 14th I figured I better hurry up and get reading because I like reading the books before movies, even though I usually end up disliking the movie because of it.

So out in search I went... only to have no luck at all. Asda and Tesco were both sold out. Of course because it is Sunday none of the proper bookshops were open. *ugh*

Before I left Tesco I went thru the automatic car wash which is where I took the lovely photo above. Now that the outside has been washed I need to give the inside a nice vacuum so that it is equally as clean.

Later in the day we went to go see Land of the Lost so we stopped by the Asda that is near the movie theater and there was no luck there either.

Tomorrow we will run into Chorley right after work to go to a proper book store but if they are also sold out I will just order it from Amazon.co.uk.

Wish me luck in my search!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck. I love, love, loved that book. They'd better not screw up the movie. Some people have trouble following it because he time travels and his age is all over the place, but her age follows traditional chronology, so, in order to keep track, just follow her.