307/365 : The Willy Nilly Use Of U's

Was watching a recorded episode of Don't Forget the Lyrics (UK version) and look at what they have done here!

This song was written by Americans (Tom Kelly and Billy Steinberg) and performed by an American (Cyndi Lauper), when they came up with the title there was no 'u' in their colors... what gives this show the right to add it in now?

Is that even allowed? It's a title of a song, they can't just go around adding U's willy nilly and expect to get away with it... I may have to write to the producers of this show.

While I'm at it I may add in the letter that they have a great show but it is sad that when watching it back once recorded there is only actually 15 minutes (if that) of actual show content out of an hour broadcast. The rest is Shane Richie and the guest going back and forth 'is that right, is that not right... lets go to a break'. Thank goodness for Sky +.

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Rob and Aimee said...

I love that song..."u" or no "u". :)

I also love your use of the words willy nilly. made me smile!

Meg said...

Haha! I too giggled at 'willy nilly.'

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing the "u" added more and more in the US. I hate it, but I agree more with the opposite opinion. You're in MY country, so spell it MY way. Maybe that's what they're thinking.