Year Two 77/365 : 'Tis The Season

I busted out our Christmas mugs today. Andy doesn't like hot drinks but will be using it for his milk to go with his cookies tonight.

I on the other hand have been using mine (on the right) all day for my yummy hot tea. Although I have not been outside of our house since Sunday it looks really cold out there. I do have to say that I was very excited when I saw Carey and Patty's Facebook status that said it was snowing... I know they are down south but I was hoping that it would somehow also happen for us up here in the Northwest. The forecast even called for possible snow (see below) but it was not meant to be and it only lightly rained.

I have faith however... it will snow before spring!

High: 36°
Low: 28°
Forecast: Periods of Snow and Rain
Sunrise: 8:21 AM
Sunset: 3:50 PM

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ceelynn said...

Woo I got a shout-out! Awesome! :)