Off To A Good Start...

Not sure if you have noticed the little weight tracker off to the right side of the page? ------------->

Well Andy and I have both started a lifestyle change... I like the sound of 'lifestyle change' rather than diet.  We are weighing all of our food, counting our calories and exercising.  We started on May 20th and have picked Sundays to weigh in.  This past Sunday we both did and the results were good!  After a week and a half I had lost 5 lbs and Andy had lost 6 lbs.  Of course with any change such as this the first couple of weeks are easy to lose as they say it is mostly water weight. But that had to be on me somewhere and I'm just glad it is now off and never to return!

Andy joined a gym not too far a drive from where we live but I have decided to focus mainly on using our treadmill.  I like using our treadmill and for now it is perfect for me.  I have it in our dining room/kitchen area and there is even a TV set up just in front of it so I just catch up on shows I have missed.

Over the weekend Meg had mentioned that she was going to restart the Couch to 5k (C25K) program and asked if there were any others that wanted to be her fitness buddies. So I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to give it a go.

Over the past two weeks I have been making sure that I walk 3 times a week, 3 miles each time.  Not bad as everybody who knows me, knows how much I hate walking!  Well the C25K program is designed to gradually get you from walking to running for 5K (3 miles).  You can read all about it HERE.

Well today was Week 1 - Day 1.  You start with a 5 minute warm up then you alternate 60 seconds running then 90 seconds brisk walking.  You do this for 20 minutes and then end with a 5 minute warm down.

I honestly think I may have blacked out in the middle of it but it seems I have made it through alive!  I will not lie it was tough.  After I was done I had gone 2.68km/1.66mi.  Since I had been normally going 3 miles I decided to stay on and walk at 2.5mph until I hit 4.83km/3mi... and I did it!

I was knackered like I haven't been in ages but am so proud of myself!  I know it can only get easier from here so bring on Week 1 - Day 2!  Well after my day off in between of course.

I have an overall goal set in terms of weight loss but have also set my first 'mini' goal.  It is to lose 22 lbs before August 11th.  Why August 11th? That is Andy and my 10 Year wedding anniversary and we will be in Rome so it would be nice to be a bit lighter for all the walking we will have to do in the hot Italian Summer sun!

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Kim said...

Great job!!! Keep up the good work!

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