241/365 : Weeds Be Gone!

Can you see the difference from back on Day 204? I completely forgot to take a before photo but trust me... Day 204 was not as bad as it got! The weeds were higher than the bricks and they were growing thru the cracks in the pavement. It was really really bad!

But after putting it off for as long as I could I got my new B & Q gardening tools and went to work. It took me about two hours to get everything done but here is the reward. The front garden area is actually pretty big but this is the only corner that has anything in it. I trimmed back the bush (that happens to have rather long thorns...) and even planted some flowers that I picked up last night. When/If they bloom they should be purple. I normally do NOT have a green thumb but hopefully they will like their new home.

Here is a close up of our rock/flower garden.

We are off back to Wembley tomorrow for the FA Cup Final and I have had butterflies about it all week! We are leaving at around 4:30am so tonight will need to be an early one for us both.

If you have no plans to watch the match tomorrow please send some good thoughts our way at around 3:00pm BST (9:00am CST). It is going to be a really tough match against Chelsea but Everton can do it! Come On You Blue Boys!

High: 72°
Low: 48°
Forecast: Sunny
Sunrise: 4:50 AM
Sunset: 9:25 PM

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